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For the last 12 years Matthew has studied, practiced and perfected the ability to read your mind! With the addition of Natasha this show is unlike any other!

Natasha is a mathematician and a student of psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). These skills seamlessly fused with Matthew's background in magic, illusion, pickpocketing and hypnosis guarantees you an amazing show!

From impossible predictions, astonishing  revelations and routines that you won't have seen anywhere else this show has something for everyone.

During this show Matthew takes to the card table where he will dazzle the audience with amazing demonstrations of sleight of hand and dexterity. 

Prepare for the impossible and get ready to enter the world of the mind reader! 

* This show has be constructed to fit any size theatre or venue! Matthew and Natasha can also adapt the performance time and routine choices to perfectly suit you and your event.

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