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From after dinner entertainment, to trade shows to mix and mingle magic for your event Matthew and Natasha can offer you the perfect experience!


Award winning magicians Matthew and Natasha will take to the isles or orchestrate the booth guaranteeing traffic and leads to your stand! What better way to stop people in their tracks by dazzling them with an impossible piece of magic! Matthew and Natasha will also use your companies logo and selling points in every performance and presentation.

After Dinner Speaking

Are you planning a dinner for your staff or potential clients? Why not treat them to an after dinner parlour style show? This show will feature illusions, mind reading effects and moments of magic that have to be seen to the believed. The show can be tailor made to you and your needs!

Mix and Mingle

Matthew will go from table to table, group to group wowing your guests with magic and mind reading! Matthew is the perfect ice breaker for your guests and guarantees.

*Matthew and Natasha are happy to work alongside you and your team to make sure the perfect package is created and your guests receive the best possible experience.

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